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To: Our customers, Suppliers and Employees
From: John McCabe

Subject: The Merger of Farmland Irrigation with the ICII Group

We have been very busy over the last several months working to make Farmland Irrigation part of Irrigation Components International (ICII). I am extremely happy to make this announcement to our customers, suppliers and employees. Farmland Irrigation founder, Keith Jardine and I go back almost 35 years. He has developed a world class operation with the assistance of Phil Ellis, Steve Jardine, Shelly Harvey and a host of dedicated employees. We are pleased that the entire Farmland Irrigation group has agreed to make the transition to being part of our Domestic Branch operations. We will be integrating our current Fremont Branch operation to the Grand Island location in the coming weeks.

The joining of our companies and product lines makes a lot of sense. Farmland strengths have been in the Pierce and NACO fittings, custom fabrications (steel and aluminum), UMC power transmission products, the Pivot Walker (non-pneumatic tire), along with an assortment of center pivot, sprinkler and flood irrigation items. They will continue to market these products within the arrangements they have with their suppliers. We will be adding ICII’s premier product which include Seametrics flowmeters, Prysmian wire/cable, Durst power transmission products, Hydrus Center Pivot controls, Emerson (US Motors) along with our center pivot electrical spares and accessories. The combination of all these great products will allow us to better serve our customers in the Midwest.

I like the way Keith Jardine put it; “Throughout over 35 years of growth and development, Farmland Irrigation has never lost sight of the big picture. Fulfilling our customer’s needs, no matter what!” I want to welcome Farmland Irrigation into the ICII family.

Sincerely yours,

John McCabe
Irrigation Components International

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